SOAR: Smartphones for Opioid Addiction Recovery
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project dates: August 2021 - May 2026
Principal Investigator: Tofighi, Babak
Principal Investigator: Glimcher P (Contact PI)
Principal Investigator: Murphy SM
Principal Investigator: Rotrosen J

The investigators published an easy-to-use battery that can predict upcoming reuse events in patients being treated for opioid use disorder (OUD). This was transferred to use on smartphones and demonstrated retention and compliance of over 85% in an OUD population. Analysis of clinical trial data suggested that adjusting buprenorphine dosing in response to reuse events reduced relapse rates.

The study will:

  1. Test the hypothesis that the battery can be used to trigger dose adjustments before reuse events and that this has the effect of reducing reuse and relapse in medication-based OUD treatment,
  2. Examine the willingness of clinicians to employ this strategy, and
  3. Examine the cost-effectiveness of these adjustments.
Abstract on NIH RePORTER