Extended-Release Naltrexone Opioid Treatment at Jail-to-Community Re-Entry
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project dates: June 2013 - May 2020
Principal Investigator: Lee, Joshua D.

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of extended naltrexone (XR-NTX) in a large urban jail setting, enrolling otherwise out-of-treatment individuals just as they leave jail and return to the community, when they are at high risk for relapse to heroin and illicit opioids and HIV/HCV risk behaviors, including drug injection and unsafe sex. The study will compare participants receiving  to those receiving methadone maintenance at jail release in order to compare extended naltrexone to the current standard-of-care.

Abstract on NIH RePORTER
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Velasquez M, Flannery M, Badolato R, Vittitow A, McDonald RD, Tofighi B, Garment AR, Giftos J, Lee JD (2019).
Perceptions of extended-release naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine treatments following release from jail
Addiction Science and Clinical Practice, 14 (1), 37. doi: 10.1186/s13722-019-0166-0. PMCID: PMC6771097.