David Perlman
David C. Perlman, MD
CDUHR - Director, Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Social-behavioral Theory Core
Mount Sinai Health System - Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine
Mount Sinai Health System - Chief, Infectious Diseases, Mount Sinai Beth Israel
MD, Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
BA. Biochemistry & Anthropology, Dartmouth College
Research Interests
HIV, HCV, IDUs, Diagnosis and treatment
David Perlman has over 20 years’ experience in HIV, HCV, TB and STIs and remains active as a clinician in these areas. He has served as principal investigator on multi-center trials within NIAID’s AIDS Clinical Trials group, and on R01 grants from NIDA. He has served on NIH study sections, CDC consensus panels, and committees within the ACTG, the NYS DOH AIDS Institute, and the NYC DOMH. Dr. Perlman’s earlier work focused on studies of the epidemiology of tuberculosis among drug users, and on health care delivery models and behavioral and structural interventions to facilitate adherence to the TB and HIV/TB care continuum. Dr. Perlman’s recent work has focused on studies of barriers and facilitators of HIV and HCV testing and care among racial and ethnic minorities, high risk heterosexuals, and people who use drugs, and more broadly on studies of strategies to improve HIV and HIV/HCV care continua and prevention programming for these populations.
Principal Investigator, Hepatitis Care Coordination in Methadone Treatment. Completed


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