Sherry Deren, PhD
CDUHR - Co-Director
NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing - Senior Research Scientist
NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing - Adjunct Professor
PhD, Social Psychology, Columbia University
MPhil, Social Psychology, Columbia University
MA, Experimental/General Psychology, Hofstra University
BA, Psychology, Brooklyn College
Research Interests
HIV and Aging, IDUs, Outreach interventions, Interdisciplinary research, Research dissemination and implementation
Sherry Deren is the co-director of the NIDA-funded P30 Center for Drug Use and HIV Research (CDUHR), and is associate director of the CDUHR Pilot Projects and Mentoring Core. Dr. Deren is a social psychologist, and has been Principal Investigator for many NIDA-funded research projects related to drug use and HIV. Her recent research interests have included multi-disciplinary studies on the impact of drug injection on immune activation, and multi-level influences on HIV risk behaviors among Puerto Rican drug users in Puerto Rico and NYC. Dr. Deren is a co-founder and steering committee member of the New York HIV Research Centers Consortium, comprised of over 25 HIV Research Centers in the New York tri-State area, and serves on the scientific advisory boards of several HIV-related research centers. She has served on numerous NIH research review committees, and is an author of over 150 articles related to HIV/AIDS among high-risk substance users.
Principal Investigator, Correlates and Consequences of Increased Immune Activation in HIV+ and – IDUs. Active
Principal Investigator, Drug Abuse Research on GALT and HIV Pathogenesis. Completed
Principal Investigator, Expanded Syringe Access Program: NY Evaluation (ESAP). Completed
Principal Investigator, Intervention for Migrant Puerto Rican Drug Users (Bienvenidos Project). Completed
Principal Investigator, Puerto Rican Drug Users in NY & PR: HIV Risk Behavior Determinants (ARIBBA I & II). Completed


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American Journal of Public Health, 104 (11), 2030-2036. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2014.302114. PMCID: PMC4192034.

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HIV risk and prevention among Hispanic immigrants in New York: The salience of diversity
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AIDS and Behavior, 10 (6), 717-721. doi: 10.1007/s10461-006-9096-4.

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