Sam Friedman
Samuel R. Friedman, PhD
CDUHR - Associate Director & Senior Theoretician, Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Social-behavioral Theory Core
NYU Langone Health - Research Professor, Department of Population Health
Johns Hopkins University - Senior Associate, Department of Epidemiology, Bloomberg School of Public Health
PhD, Sociology, University of Michigan
MA, Sociology, University of Michigan
BA, Economics, Harvard University
Research Interests
Transdisciplinary HIV prevention, Networks, HIV, HCV, STIs, Phylogenetics, Metropolitan area cohort studies, Big Events and their sequelae, Recent infection, Prevention for positives, IDUs, MSM, High-risk heterosexuals, Cultural historical activity theory (CHAT), Theoretical and historical overview of the HIV epidemic as a whole, Big events
Sam Friedman has worked on research concerning people who use drugs and HIV since 1983. During this time, he has written widely on related epidemiology and prevention topics. His work has contributed substantially to what we know about drug users’ social networks and their relations to HIV epidemics; to our understanding of macro-social epidemiology of drug use and its associated diseases; to the theory and practice of drug users’ organizations and their efforts to reduce the spread of HIV and other infections among them; to efforts to prevent HIV transmission by drug users and others who have recently become infected; and to our understanding of how HIV and other epidemics among people who used drugs do or do not spread to non-users in their communities.
Principal Investigator, Understanding the Short- and Long-term Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Overdose Crisis. Active
Principal Investigator, Community Vulnerability and Responses to Drug-User-Related HIV/AIDS (CVAR). Completed
Principal Investigator, Developing Measures to Study How Structural Interventions May Affect HIV Risk. Completed
Principal Investigator, HIV, HCV, STI, OD and Other Risks Associated with Hard Drug Use Among Young Drug Users in St. Petersburg, Russia. Completed
Principal Investigator, Metropolitan Trajectories of HIV Epidemics, Drug Use, and Responses in US Key Populations. Completed
Principal Investigator, Networks, Norms and HIV/STI Risk Among Youth (NNAHRAY). Completed
Principal Investigator, Preventing HIV Transmission by Recently Infected Drug Users. Completed
Principal Investigator, Staying Safe: Long-Term Injection Drug Users Who Avoided HIV & Hepatitis C. Completed


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Friedman SR, West BS, Tempalski B, Morton CM, Cleland CM, Des Jarlais DC, Hall HI, Cooper HL (2014).
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Friedman SR, Curtis R, Neaigus A, Jose B, Des Jarlais DC (1999).
Social networks, drug injectors’ lives, and HIV/AIDS.
New York: Plenum.

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